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Unlike conventional television, Video on Demand (VoD) has the ability to deliver video and audio content over an Ethernet network in real time (streaming) or when you would like to watch (on-demand) using a Thin Client device or IP Set-Top Box, to a TV anywhere on the network. Features such as play, pause, skip, visual fast-forward and rewind allow for a personalized user experience.

Digital Video On Demand (DVOD)
DVOD is a video system where the source of the movie is played from a file stored within the Digital Video Server (specialized computer and hard drives). This provides consistent quality for each screening of the movie being accessed by the hotel guest. In addition, it removes the limitations of how many copies of the movies can be stored on the system, as is the case with the older VHS tape based systems.

We offer two types of DVOD solutions
Hybrid-VOD: Provides full digital movies to the guest via an MATV network. MPEG movies are decoded at the Headend with A/V output and modulated to an RF carrier.

IP-VOD: Provides full digital movies to the guest via an IP network. MPEG movies are streamed to the guest room set-top-box and presented via an A/V or HDMI (Digital) output to the display device.

System Features:

  • Trick Play Features
  • Welcome Message
  • Customized Hotel Information
  • Superior Graphics
  • Extended Languages Support
  • Enhanced Entertainment Services
  • Smart Interfacing Option


  • Roomlinx


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