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Building on years of experience of delivering wired and wireless high-speed Internet access solutions to the world’s elite brands, CLC designs, delivers and support all aspects of the data network. This enables our customers to access information and engage in activities across the entire World Wide Web. By using only secure, reliable and scalable equipment our high-speed Internet access solution supports a variety of products and applications that can provide a unique customer experience.

The benefits of a Data Solution do not end with the Internet, a property can multiply its rewards by employing the network to support its secure internal networks, deploy advanced cost-saving technologies, and deliver new revenue-generating services.

CLC Networks maintains excellent, long-standing relationships with the world's leading Data Communications equipment manufacturers, our customers can count on absolute vendor neutrality in designing, installing, interfacing and maintaining Data Network components.

The recent, explosive growth in Wireless application promises tremendous gains in productivity, flexibility and cost savings. CLC Wireless 802.11 networks

  • Perform consistently, without "dead zones"
  • Deliver security with absolute reliability
  • Are scaleable and are customized uniquely to the facility
  • Provide trouble-free integration with existing networks

CLC's extensive experience delivers the true connectivity freedom promised by Wireless technology.

System Features:

  • True Plug & Play
    Without changing any settings on a guest’s computer, such as IP address, DNS server, SMTP address or any other configuration information, this will grant network and Internet access to guests through automatic registration and authentication.

    The product infrastructure will grow and adapt to your property’s needs, employing open architecture and flexible design with built-in scalability. Based on a Linux platform, this is an open architecture design that interfaces to a wide range of PMS and Call Accounting systems. With its flexible design, this product supports an unlimited number of concurrent users and is scalable from a small hotel to a large multi-building complex.
  • Public Access
    Dynamic Address Translation (DAT) - Home Page Redirection (Pre and Post Authentication) - iNAT (VPN connectivity) - SMTP Redirection, Full Authorization and Authentication - RADIUS Client/Proxy - Bandwidth Management
  • Security & Networking
    IP Walled Garden - MAC Walled Garden - Intrusion Detection System - Web Site Blocking - Internet Service Blocking - DHCP Server - DHCP Relay - IEEE 802.3 - RADIUS Client
  • System Management & Reports
    Multi-Level Administration Controls (Page groups) - Integrated VPN Client (IPSEC) - Access Control Lists - Online Configuration and Upgrades - Email Alert Notification - CPE Alarm Reports - Internet Traffic Session and Summary Reports - Monthly Revenue Reports - System Status Reports - Call Center Status Reports
  • Browser Services
    Web Printing - Web Faxing - Web Conferencing - Call Center Status Reports - Media Distribution Services - Banner Advertising on toolbar - Push/Pull Media Content
  • PMS Interfaces
    Fidelio - Galaxy - OnQ - Galaxy - Encore - Marriott Full Service – Genesis - Springer Miller - Any HOBIC-based PMS


  • Nomadix
  • SuperClick
  • BAXL
  • HP
  • Colubris
  • BelAir Networks


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